Hailing from the somewhat rocky shores of Lake Michigan, Ryan Lumley remembers summer nights where his friends and him would swim into the fading sky gradients of late August. He remembers being in school, deep Illinois winter, and closing his eyes. While his eyes were closed, he would think about those summer moments and what it felt like to harness the feeling of a sweet, so very sweet (as honey), memory.   

Ryan focuses on making work that feels like your grandparents first roadtrip scrapbook, when digital cameras didn't exist yet. It's imperfect in a cozy lovely way--Like hugging your best friend. Or saying hi to your Mailman.

 Ryan works with brands in finding the happy medium between the customer and the content. The act of harmonizing a brand’s spirit with diverse and super pretty lifestyle creative is Ryan’s specialty. 

His style of branding is inspired by memories. His work makes you feel like you are walking through a dewy field, where the sun just set and you forgot mosquito repellent. Your mind is clearly elsewhere, because you forgot the mosquito repellent, yet you are completely content. Because you are somewhere only a select few know about, and you are with someone you love. Your legs will itch tomorrow but right now it’s totally unforgettable. 

Aside from said things, Ryan loves to snorkel, he loves sunsets, Jacques Cousteau, Walter Payton, good dogs and cozy nooks. 


This is bizarre because Ryan Lumley is writing about Ryan Lumley in third person. So Ryan Lumley says to enjoy his work, share with family, friends and good dogs alike. 

Ryan Lumley says:

“Sincerely, Ryan Lumley.”


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